Promoting the importance of relationships across the care experienced community

As well as individual connections, the Why Not? Trust supports young adults – including young parents with care experience – to develop their own community networks. These networks allow young people to access experiences and events which give them opportunities that they may not have been able to access on their own.

Support and advance the wellbeing of care experienced young people through continuing relationships with those who have been involved in caring for them as children offering a source of support into their adult life

Relieve loneliness and isolation in care experienced young people through supporting them to develop meaningful lasting relationships and build wider support networks, to become part of their own local community

Advance education through assisting care experienced young people to challenge the inequalities and stigma they face as they move on from care


21 Nov 2023

Community and Engagement Team Member Parenting Focus Role

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09 Nov 2023

Research and Development Role Opportunity

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06 Sep 2023

Explore Glasgow Science Centre with The Village

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31 Aug 2023

Why Not? Come to a workshop and share your views

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