Our Principles

These principles are what underpin all we do; they show our values and shape our behaviours.  They make it clear to all what they should expect from us and what we expect from them.

#1 Show respect - everyone is worthy of being treated with a high level of respect. Stigma and discrimination are not welcome, and we will strive to eliminate both.

#2 Be Kind – We cannot control other people’s behaviour, but we can control our own.  We will treat people with kindness and use curiosity and listening to understand other perspectives.

#3 Be human – we are all human and no matter how well intended we are, we will all make mistakes, we will own these and learn from them.  We will help each other learn by being honest with each other.

#4 Promote the positives – we will focus on strengths and support learning in every way we can.  We will celebrate success and recognise achievements. We will recognise everyone is doing their best.

#5 Be ambitious – we will strive for success in all we do, recognise the change we want to make and go for it!

#6 Recruit allies – we will work with others to achieve our aims and support others to achieve theirs.

#7 Champion individual growth – we will support the development of individuals, promote opportunities, and develop leadership qualities.

#8 Keep it real – we will do our best to recognise when we or others are feeling challenged and offer support where we can.  We will pull together; no-one is too important to help do what needs done.  We will strive to avoid jargon and use inclusive language.   

#9 Be storytellers – we will share our learning and tell our generic stories where it supports learning.  We will not share individual ‘case studies’ or require people to tell their story. 

#10 Listen to learn – we will listen to people to learn, not to respond.  We will allow others processing time and go at their pace.