A digital community for new parents and parents-to-be with experience of care. An open, welcoming place where you can get information, access resources and reach out to others. You decide how much you get involved. 

Easy to join simply follow us or send a message on our socials and we will be in touch. 


The Village, was created following the learning from our Parent and Child group.  We wanted to expand the group to all new and expectant parents with care experience in Scotland.  Our research tells us there are over 500 babies born to mums with care experience each year.  We want to reach them, and to reach the dads with care experience as well.  

We know becoming a parent is a transformational experience for everyone and we would love to be alongside you on that journey. 

The Village is a place where people choose what is helpful for them, finding information, accessing resources or reaching out to our team members through our digital platforms or becoming involved through our new peer mentoring scheme. 

Parents with experience of care told us they often felt stigma and judgement when reaching out, so we worked together to create an environment in which we understand support and encouragement are helpful; stigma, blame or judgement are not.   

We know it can feel  awkward reaching out to people you don't know, but we really are a friendly bunch, and every friend you have was a stranger before you met them. 






You can find The Village on Instagram (@TheVillageScot) and Facebook (TheVillageScotland), as well as by signing up to the Why Not? Hub.

Check us out, you decide how involved you want to be. 

Our community was developed with parents with care experience for parents with care experience. 

  • We offer
    • a listening ear and a safe place to ask questions or reach out to others.
    • occassional meet ups with others
    • freebies such as data packages, hospital packs, sensory packs, prize draws.
    • parenting hints and tips
    • opportunities to have your voice heard
    • help with accessing benefits, rights and advocay 
  • Parents or parents to be choose to join - no need for referrals. 
  • People tell us what they would like support with - no need for assessments
  • Confidentiality - no need for individual records (we only share information if we have serious concerns about your welfare or someone elses welfare).

Our aim is to be a supportive social network, offering the types of support all parents need.