The Wee Campus

Wee Campus is an online digital community that has been developed and co-designed with students with experience of care to be a safe place to engage, share experiences, advice, find information, and encourage others through their higher education journey. We are open to all and believe everyone wants to be the best they can be, wants to be there for others, and with the right support can excel.


What we offer:

  • Connect with other higher and further education students with care experience
  • Share experiences and guidance
  • Find Information and seek advice
  • Encourage others through their higher and further education journey

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How to Join Us:

Sign up the Why Not? Hub at or scan QR code below to get to sign up



You can also download the Why Not? Hub app on Apple or Google Play and sign up there. 


Once you have set up your account, you can join the Wee Campus group on the Hub. You can also find our Wee Campus group on Facebook.