Our Story

The Why Not? Trust for Care Experienced Young People grew out of a successful initiative started by Care Visions Children’s Services in 2014. The Why Not? Trust was registered as a charity in its own right in 2018.

Why Not? grew out of a recognition of the significance of relationships in enabling young people’s wellbeing and resilience, in preparation for and after they have moved on from care. As the number of young people engaged in Why Not? grew, gatherings were arranged so that young people could share their stories and experiences and connect with the network of people involved. This led to the development of a community, which has become a vibrant network of talent and creativity in which everyone contributes, and everyone benefits.

"The Why Not? Trust gives me opportunities that I would never have dreamed of doing." - Amber, Young Adult

"Relationships made by chance but continued by choice... or rather the unbreakable bond that comes from commitment, honesty, patience, resilience but above all - mutual respect." - Emma, Young Adult

As the young people within the community developed into adulthood we broadened our reach.  We now support people with care experience at different points in their life.  The welcome developments with the Promise have seen everyone supporting young people leaving care and the relationships that are important to them, so as a charity we have adapted adn although we continue to support all, we have a stronger focus on supporting people with care experience as they become parents or become students.  

With the addition of our digital HUB we can have specific communities and allow everyone to choose the groups and communities that best suit them.
Courtney and Ruth
Group Day Out
Nicki and Sonny, Lesha and Leo