Sarah, Comms Team

Hi – I’m Sarah! I’m a new mum and I’m part of the communications team here for The Village. I have a background in visual communication and volunteer management in the third sector, and I was involved in the early days of setting up The Village. I’ve loved my time with the community so far and as my partner is care experienced, its wonderful to see new spaces like this taking shape!

My main focus in The Village just now is in creating social media content – I want the content to be helpful, but most importantly I want the information we share to be inclusive and judgement free. Parenting and becoming a parent is a big journey, and there’s still a lot of pressure and things people won’t talk about – I’m hoping our community can break out of that mould. 

FUN FACT - I like to make teddy bears in my spare time (not that I’ve had any spare time since the baby, but one day soon!)