Aimee, Community Development and Engagement Assistant

My name is Aimee! I’m 23 years old and mummy to Noah (1). I am currently studying English Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow alongside my work here with the Why Not? Trust. I have a strong interest in children and young people’s rights and policy work, but I am keen to do any sort of work with care experienced young people.

What’s your favourite part about working with the Why Not? Trust -
My favourite thing is the opportunity to meet with so many amazing young people. I love the engagement side of my job and making a difference to the people we work with. I am excited to see the Care Experienced Parents Charter develop as we go forward!

Fun Fact 
I have lived in four different countries – England, Scotland, United States of America and Canada. I have attended high school in three of them (all except England!). I have also had over 30 small pets at one time!