Why Not? Reconnect

Why Not? Reconnect has been developed following conversations with foster carers and young people who had relationships ended because of placement moves or other reasons and would like to get back in touch.

To support reconnections, we have set up a Fostering Register, so that foster carers and/or their immediate family can sign up to, then if a young adult wishes to reconnect, we will get in touch with the carers and ask if this is something they would wish to do.  If both parties want to reconnect we will support them to do this in whatever way works for all.  It could be email, letter, meeting at a neutral venue, whatever works.  No information on either party will be shared without their explicit consent.  

Click here for our Fostering Register leaflet, and feel free to share!

Contact us with any questions or to join the Register on reconnect@whynottrust.org

Foster Carers can sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/carerdirectory

We have complied some of the questions we have already been asked, please find them here

FAQ Link: https://tinyurl.com/WNTReconnectFAQ