Our Work

General Why Not? Community – Supporting continuing relationships for young people with care experience

We are here to support you to keep in touch with those who have cared for you and have become an important part of your life. We will help you explore your relationships with those who matter, support with managing expectations and how the relationship will continue going forward. You will find many resources available on our HUB as well as having the opportunity to ask questions of ourselves and others in the community.

CONNECTORS – For carers wanting to stay in touch with the young people they have cared for

Connectors are the important adults who care for those they looked after and want to keep in touch when a young person is moving on, keeping that strong bond in place. We have resources available which we believe are helpful to people continuing relationships and can be contacted for specific information or advice.

OUR COMMUNITY – Connect, stay in touch and have fun!

Community can mean what you want it to. It can help you stay in touch with a couple of friends, make lots of new ones or just come along for a specific event. Everyone with experience of care and those who keep in touch with them are welcome! It is our supportive peer network across Scotland and hold both in person and online gatherings, regional and national. So there should be something for everyone – a small, local go karting session, pizza lunch in the city or our Christmas party. And if you don’t see anything that interests you, let us know what will and we will see what we can do to arrange it!

PARENT & CHILD - The Village – A friendly and inclusive group for parents with care experience, their partners and kids

Our Parent & Child group made us relise just how important it is for expectant and new parents to have someone to reach out to, to ask questions or get support.  From this seed we developed The Village, (from the proverb- it takes a Village to raise a child), a warm, welcoming place for those who have experience of care and now have their own ‘little ones’.

The Village is a digital community where you can get information and resources, and/or reach out to one of the team members for confidential one to one support.  The Village can be found on Instagram, Facebook and our digital HUB. 

Following our first year of learning we are now also including regular get togethers, such as those held with the original group.  Watch out for get togethers at fun venues, seasonal parties (Santa’s Grotto is always a favourite) and get people chatting to share hints, tips & advice (children don’t come with a manual!).

Online baby massage, first aid and storytimes are just some of the activities open to all.

WHY NOT? RECONNECT – For young people and carers who have lost contact and want to get back in touch.

Many people move on from care without a Connector or foster carer staying in your life, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Maybe they couldn’t stay in touch, weren’t aware it was an option or just didn’t feel ready at the time. With Why Not? Reconnect, everyone has an opportunity to experience the benefits of a continuing relationship and become part of our supportive community. We will support you to reach out, whether you have experience of care yourself, or are a carer, we will help both sides revive your relationship in a safe and structured way.

For more information on how to Reconnect and our Fostering Register click here