Our commitment to #KeepThePromise

Written by Nikki Thomas, Director of The Why Not? Trust

Since the Promise first launched 12 months ago it has been a year of change for everyone. Never has there been a more important time to ensure we are hearing the voices of our young people and working to better support them and their dreams.

Having already committed to progressing #keepthepromise, the Why Not? Trust had to quickly re-evaluate how we were going to continue building on the foundations of the Promise. We work to ensure our young people move on with meaningful, stable relationships and now these relationships have taken on a different dynamic and form during the last year and are more vital than ever.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has further highlighted the gap between those who have experienced care, and those who have not. Poverty has taken on a wider meaning, now including digital poverty, which some consider should be a human right but nowhere near accessible and affordable for all.

This has been a difficult time, a transition to find ways of working that build and nurture relationships. And that’s where there are positives to come out of this and they fully compliment working to #keepthepromise. We have been made to reassess how we engage with each other, support others, how we hear people’s voices, how we include them when we cannot get together and how we need to value the little things in life.

However, it shouldn’t take a pandemic to do the best for Scotland’s children and that is what #keepthepromise means to the Why Not? Trust.