A new beginning for the Why Not? Trust with new director Nikki Thomas

The Why Not? Trust welcomed new director Nikki Thomas this week. Nikki has spent the last 10 years of her career within the charity sector, with a specific focus on youth health and social care. During this time, she has developed an understanding of the societal barriers that young people face and the trauma that they may experience growing up but believes that this does not define them or their future.

Previously, Nikki managed operations for a youth employability organisation, where they engaged with young people in their locality, on their terms and worked with them to build a sense of self-confidence and believe in what they could achieve. More recently, Nikki led a domestic abuse organisation where the team supported women and children who had been subjected to varying levels of abuse and trauma.

Nikki said, "I strongly believe it is a privilege to work within the charity sector where I learn daily and try to ensure all work is driven and led where possible by those who the organisation is there to support.

My first few days with The Why Not? Trust has been fantastic! Everyone has been incredibly supportive, open and welcoming. I feel the enthusiasm, motivation and dedication of everyone involved shining through."